The OsservatorioAllestimenti on the trail of industry trends at Ecomondo: a clever combination of technology and architectural solutions

  • The evolution of LEDwalls… space for shapes! LEDwall technology has evolved considerably in terms of both resolution and weight in recent years, enabling previously unthinkable geometries. As a result, we are seeing curved, bi-planar, tri-planar, vertical, horizontal, hanging or free-standing LEDwalls appear, with considerable dimensions and just one limit… your imagination!
  • The evolution of LEDwalls… transparency. The transparent or semi-transparent LEDwall, also known as the transparent video wall or glasswall, is the latest generation digital signage solution with the greatest visual impact. A sort of glass roller shutter equipped with numerous slats featuring RGB micro-LEDs. The slats are spaced out, allowing natural light to pass through and offering a glimpse of what is behind the module. The effect is very light compared to the classic LEDwall made up of black LED modules, and consequently it arouse a lot of curiosity in onlookers.
    LED displays offer numerous advantages: the loss of external light due to the size of the screen is minimised, the clever combination of images of moving objects on the display enables unprecedented visual effects, and the reduced weight makes it the perfect object to hang from the ceiling of exhibition halls. Thanks to modular technology, these displays can be built in various sizes. And they are open to a wide variety of uses: in shop windows, displays or product presentation spaces. The viewer’s attention can be drawn to strategic points using targeted visual effects. The view from or into the booth is not blocked.
  • Stage sets. Exhibition installations become veritable stage sets, welcoming visitors into an emotional experience. The green interpretation of this trend sees the triumph of trees and waterfalls, creating pleasing and relaxing situations where the logo is no longer shouted out but becomes an ambassador and permeates its surroundings.
  • Flooring Walkways and booth floors are also evolving, with transparent, glass tiles that leave the grass underneath completely visible, creating a lawn/forest effect or can be used to contain products, generating a floorplan showcase.
  • Walls that become the script of a performance that unfolds inside the booth An animal-like skin with moving “scales” that come to life with the slightest breath of air, in complete alignment with the green spirit of the event, literally capturing the visitor’s field of vision as they approach the booth.
  • Balloons Air becomes a tangible exhibition element. State-of-the-art balloons with metal-like textures float on the ceiling seemingly defying gravity.
  • Sensory tunnel The booth is enriched with a tunnel-like space for which visitors walk through, finding themselves in an intimate, ultra-technological environment where sensory experiences (visual, tactile, odorous) project them into the brand message.