Bees that are necessary for life, bees that are extraordinarily organised, bees that are perfect constructors, bees that are transformers.

That is why we, at Prostand,
have embarked on a comprehensive
sustainability path
involving our entire integrated supply

Prostand is the first company in the sector to have performed and published the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the most widely recognised method
at international level allowing the assessment and quantification of the environmental impacts associated with a product, service or activity.

The research was carried out independently by the University of Bologna. The study was applied to the Prostand business model and calculated the impact of 19 environmental parameters including the carbon footprint (i.e. the amount of CO2 produced) for one square metre of customized, pre-assembled exhibition stand. The research began by analysing all the materials used, taking the cradle-to-grave approach.

The first results were made public at the conference organised by the University of Bologna held on 6 October 2023 at the University Campus in Rimini.

Below is an excerpt from the complete and very extensive research. An update will be published soon following the decision by Prostand to make choices aimed at improving environmental sustainability, which have improved the various parameters.

the excerpt

Regeneration and reuse of materials

Wooden panels, aluminium materials and carpets are reused - by us and our suppliers - until the end of their life cycle, thus significantly reducing the amount of waste to be disposed of.


of energy


LED lamps

Reduction of CO2 emissions:

and foldable

by 70%

lower CO2 emissions due to road transport




FSC® and PEFC™ certified wood products and derivatives; “zero emission” coloured paints completely free of formaldehyde and solvents and with low resin content.