Sustainable Events Between Present and Future

Is it possible to find a synthesis between the architectural structures of temporary installations, technology and beauty, combining economic sustainability and environmental sustainability?

The Osservatorio Allestimenti wanted to answer this question during Sustainable events between present and future: Focus on construction techniques and materials, the workshop organised in cooperation with the Technopolo di Rimini, CIRI FRAME University of Bologna, CNR Institute for Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity in Bologna, held on 7 November on the opening day of Ecomondo.

The answer is yes: it is possible to combine beauty and the sustainability of temporary installations, from both an economic and an environmental point of view. It isn’t a matter of demonising certain materials, but of treating them in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Wood and chipboard, together with aluminium, continue to be the great classics of temporary installations However, the imagination knows no limits. An example? Installations made with Italian cane, similar to bamboo but cheaper.

Wood is confirmed as a material with extraordinary qualities with futuristic applications: wood made transparent or compatible with electronic applications.

There are also innovations when it comes to the layout of entire trade fairs. The Cartesian geometry of 90° angles is joined by layouts inspired by fractal geometry borrowed from nature.

A Life Cycle Assessment study is essential to detect the environmental impacts of temporary installations, scientifically calculated and transparently communicated to the market.

The speakers at the event were:

  • Vincenzo Palermo: Wood, metal and plastic: the history of building materials and their impact on the environment.
  • Raffella Laezza: From Descartes to Eco Generative architecture
  • Fabrizio Passarini: Presentation of the Life Cycle Assessment by Prostand, a company specialising in temporary installations
  • Mirco Zamponi: Certification of Ecomondo as a sustainable event (ISO 20121)

Download Speaker Profiles Here

Download The Excerpt From the Prostand LCA Here

Download hte PResentation By Prof. Palermo Here