Furniture and

Prostand offers a wide range of furniture and accessories for the setting up of exhibitions, conventions, conferences and events in general.

Experience and

reliability at

national and

international level.

Guaranteed results

in terms of safety,

functionality and


Only agent

to organise

all services.


among design,

functionality and


On request, Prostand designs and produces custom-made furniture for temporary or long-term settings. It is also possible to use eco-friendly materials, in line with the environmental protection goals.

The excellence of the Made in Italy.

Appendino a Stelo
Appendino a Stelo Luna
Appendino a Stelo in acciaio
Poltrona in Pelle Bianca
Poltroncina in Tessuto Panna
Divano 2 Posti in Pelle Bianco
Poltroncina Raffa Bianca
Poltrona Barcellona Ecopelle Bianca
Sedia Kuadra Bianca
Sedia Snow Colore Bianco
Sgabello Happy Bianco
Sedia Mod. Lib Bianca
Sgabello Bianco Regolabile Rossanese
Sgabello Kuadra Basso h. 65cm Seduta Bianca
Sgabello Volt
Sedia Mod. Titti Plexi Trasparente
Stender Rigga 111x51 h. 175cm col. Bianco
Sgabello Isy Bianco Lucido

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