The topic was discussed on 1 December at the National Research Council in Bologna during the Scientific Committee of the Observatory on Temporary Architecture. Temporary spaces are the privileged place for experimentation: the great tradition of the last century from the Triennials in Milan, Venice and many other Italian exhibition venues has been recognised school all over the world.


We are at a social and cultural crossroads. Architecture has been Cartesian, producing wonderful, unforgettable works for millennia. Architecture belongs almost exclusively to the great cultural wave of history. . Today we are plunged into a new awareness, belonging to another wave, the longer wave of Nature, which for this very reason may not be perceived but exists and is already producing its effects. From the eco-generative architecture, which starts with the electron microscope analysis of flora and fauna, the geometric and organisational principles for a new architecture are extracted, creating generative algorithms that allow for the retrieval of structures that are always the same but always different because they are naturally declined like the leaves of the same tree. All the same but one different from the other.

Photo of banana stem under the microscope and Diatom algae from the book: Raffaella Laezza “Codici del temporaneo, Manifesto di architettura”, LetteraVentidue Edizioni