Osservatorio Allestimenti plots the road map for settings in 2023.

As noticed in Sigep, the use of hanging structures was the rule also at Beer&Food Attraction (Rimini 19/22 Feb 2023), organised by Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A. Every year, the choice of brands using this type of structure is growing with a DOMINO effect that is bound to increase. We try to understand why these types of structures are increasingly used. There are essentially two reasons for this.
One is purely functional. These elements have a stabilising function by adding security to the structures that are anchored to the rings from above, they support the sound and lighting technology and the numerous hoods.
The second is the OPEN stage effect. All functional elements, being fixed from above, free up space on the ground and the layout is open to interpret the brand in the best way. The hanging structure lends airiness, is visible from afar, amplifies the offering underneath and creates expectation.
The OPEN effect is complemented by the WOW effect with large multi-coloured hanging signs, scenic objects, also inflatable, and large real trees stabilised from above.
The stands reproduce typical brewery settings with the characteristic elements of each brand. The hallmark of the event is the industrial style, created in New York in the 1950s and now an industry classic.
It is characterised by a design based on functional furniture, made of durable materials, with a robust simplicity and grungy appeal.
The materials are raw but warm. The style is dynamic and imaginative, made up of essential pieces and reinvented vintage objects. Barrels, iron grills, glass bottles, caps and cans become structural elements. The tables are made from reclaimed wooden pallets and metal drums. The end-of-series chairs are also different from each other.
Similarly, the furniture steps away from the perfection of mass-produced furniture with welds and imperfections in the visible paintwork, the seats (stools and armchairs) are often in distressed leather.
The recurring colours are the warm colours of rusty iron, natural wood and copper, set in the ever-present black. These settings are wonderfully combined with large LED signs in gestural format and contrasting colours: fuchsia, yellow and LED video walls. An immersion in 1960s pop art.