The LI-ION HUNTING workshop on new challenges and nanotechnological materials for batteries and supercapacitors, organised by Osservatorio Allestimenti, the first observatory dedicated to temporary architecture for the sustainable economy in business spaces, was packed with participants, both in attendance and streaming, and took place on 23 March at KE.Y The Energy Transition Expo (28 Feb -1 Mar 2023).

The audience of entrepreneurs and researchers from companies involved in the photovoltaic and battery sectors also included representatives from the investment sector.
The speaker, Professor Vincenzo Palermo, Director of the ISOF Bologna Institute, CNR National Research Council, illustrated the latest frontiers of battery research, with a look at the possible growth and evolution scenarios of this sector.
Scientists are developing new alternative solutions, using sodium, sulphur or even air inside the batteries. Visionary solutions like these will perhaps contribute to solving tomorrow’s energy challenges.
The conference was followed by a lively debate on the big question: will Europe be able to keep up with China and other nations that are investing heavily in battery development and production? ? In the debate, the need to better develop the supply chain from basic research to development and industrial excellence in this sector emerged from many quarters. Europe, and particularly Italy, are competitive in the first part of the chain, while other countries have been more successful in the past in turning revolutionary technologies, such as silicon-based photovoltaics or organic LEDs, into successful industries.
These technological challenges require coordinated efforts at the national or European level, with research and investment programmes on a scale of at least ten years.