EuroShop, The World´s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair (Düsseldorf 26 Feb-2 Mar 2023), is a hotbed of ideas, trends, new technologies and imaginative applications.

We will pick just one trend (for the time being), perhaps the most amusing, the one that has nothing to do with new technologies but only with the pure creativity of those who designed and set up the stands. We call it the “GIANT” trend.

We noticed this hilarious trend at many of the stands of the more than two thousand brands on display. The objects both on the ground and hanging were just huge!
We spotted immense stylised wooden trees, gigantic letters hanging from the ceiling of the expo centre, colossal inflatable ears of corn hovering in the air, massive leaves with futuristic textures on the walls of the booths, huge poppies that seemed to sprout from the floor, hilarious desk lamps so large that they could be turned into floor lamps, mammoth volumes hanging from the ceiling (parallelepiped cylinders), as well as cyclopean dummies, humongous toothbrushes, oversized rabbits, great ladybirds and giant butterflies.
The titanic kitchen deserves special mention: maxi cookers, giga-pans, super-size menus, gargantuan jars of preserves, mega chairs…
It is like plunging into the world of “Alice in Wonderland”.
Simply adorable!