The use of fabrics in temporary installations

The use of fabrics in temporary installations

How do fabrics contribute to unique and responsible designat exhibitions and events? The Osservatorio Allestimenti works with Pointex a company specialising in textile solutions.

Fabric has always been present in installations, be they events or exhibitions, either temporary or permanent.This kind of décor is used for covering floors and walls (and sometimes even ceilings!).

Fabric is a viable and sustainable alternative to painted or printed wood panels which has become increasingly popular over time. A fabric installation has three main strengths:

  • It can bereused(both the fabric and the structure to which it is applied)
  • It has just one component, polyester fibre, which means it can berecycled
  • It is highly customisable

This last aspect has led to growth in demand over the years. It is now possible to weave the fibre into specific subjects, wording, logos, textures and designs, in a variety ofcolours. Visual and tactile effects can also becreated to make the visitor’s experience even more immersive.The effects include embossed textures, transparencies, optical and multicolour effects. It is possible to combine different fabricsand indulge the creative flair ofdesigners, fitters and architects.Fabrics can provide light and transparency to enhance an area, or they can cover and darken an area.. Il velvetcontinues to be one of the most widely usedproducts.

Fabrics, like words, when chosen with care, crafted with skill and matched carefully can become poetry, going straight to the visitor’s heart. Installations that use fabrics draw visitors into a 360° experience that uniquely enhances the products and the brandthey choose.

The outfitting of spaces with customized fabrics is growing constantly, both in terms of texture and design, as well as in terms of the types of material that offer improved sound – absorbency , ease of application and cleaning, water resistance and colourfastness for outdoor installations, with complete respect for nature and its resources.