There is no environmental sustainability without social sustainability first!

Non c’è sostenibilità ambientale se non c’è prima ancora la sostenibilità sociale!

Companies and exhibitions visitors are increasingly attentive to the sustainability of events and to the choices made by organizers, many of whom are at the forefront of environmental protection. 360-degree sustainability is a journey that leads event organizers to change in order to mitigate their impact and rely on partners who respect the environment and […]

Sustainable Events Between Present and Future

Is it possible to find a synthesis between the architectural structures of temporary installations, technology and beauty, combining economic sustainability and environmental sustainability? The Osservatorio Allestimenti wanted to answer this question during Sustainable events between present and future: Focus on construction techniques and materials, the workshop organised in cooperation with the Technopolo di Rimini, CIRI […]

The OsservatorioAllestimenti on the trail of industry trends at Ecomondo: a clever combination of technology and architectural solutions

The evolution of LEDwalls… space for shapes! LEDwall technology has evolved considerably in terms of both resolution and weight in recent years, enabling previously unthinkable geometries. As a result, we are seeing curved, bi-planar, tri-planar, vertical, horizontal, hanging or free-standing LEDwalls appear, with considerable dimensions and just one limit… your imagination! The evolution of LEDwalls… […]

The Osservatorio Allestimenti in search of the secret of light

The Osservatorio Allestimenti in search of the secret of light Emiliano Morgia who, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, has taken excellence Made in Italy all over the world with projects implemented in various countries, including Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, the United States, Mexico, Great Britain, Africa and the Middle East […]

The use of fabrics in temporary installations

The use of fabrics in temporary installations How do fabrics contribute to unique and responsible designat exhibitions and events? The Osservatorio Allestimenti works with Pointex a company specialising in textile solutions. Fabric has always been present in installations, be they events or exhibitions, either temporary or permanent.This kind of décor is used for covering floors […]

The colour evolution and revolution in carpeting

The colour evolution and revolution in carpeting:the Osservatorio Allestimenti is on the lookout for the latest trends. A glimpse into the industry with the contribution of Alma, which pioneered the colour revolution in the exhibition world with its needle-punched carpets. Carpeting is an element that has always been present and important in Italian exhibition design. […]